• Fully Automatic Silvery White Microwave Paper Straw Dryer Energy-saving
  • Fully Automatic Silvery White Microwave Paper Straw Dryer Energy-saving

Fully Automatic Silvery White Microwave Paper Straw Dryer Energy-saving

The microwave paper straw dryer is mainly used for drying and sterilizing the bending area of paper straws,and can be used separately from the production line.



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Brand Name JHD
Place of Origin China
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T,L/C,D/P
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Detail 20days--35days
Packaging Details Wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' require

Detail Introduction


JHD devoted ourselves to mechanical industry  for many years,our company owns world class equipment and advanced quality management system. JHD has independently developed and produced Microwave Paper Straw Dryer and exported our products to more than 30 countries,we are expecting become your long term partner in China  ,the following is about the Microwave Paper Straw Dryer,hope to help you better understand it .

1,Product Introduction of Microwave Paper Straw Dryer

l Microwave source system: 3 original Samsung magnetrons which imported from Korean, single tube power (1050W), 3 special high-reliability industrial frequency conversion microwave sources, well matched to ensure that the maximum microwave output power of the machine is greater than 2500W. An over-temperature automatic protection switch is installed on each magnetron to protect the safety of the microwave tube. 

l The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer is equipped with a built-in control unit, which can perform the operation of the power and transmission speed of the whole machine and other related controls.  

l The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer of microwave excitation cavity and waveguide are designed according to international standards. 

l The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer of microwave cavity is designed according to international standards and it is necessary to effectively prevent the magnetron from being damaged by the microwave.

l Microwave Paper Straw Dryer use high-quality national standard wires to prevent the occurrence of heat generation when the wires are overloaded. The surface temperature of all power cords does not exceed 50℃。

2.Product Parameter of Microwave Paper Straw Dryer (Specification)

Input power:380V±10%   50Hz±1%
Microwave power:2KW(adjustable)
Microwave frequency:2450±50MHz
Temperature:-5-40℃,no inflammable or explosive gas or dust
Environment humidity:Relative humidity is less   than 80%
Belt:Microwave special chain plate(W: 500mm)
Speed adjustment:0.1-1m/min continuously adjustable, using frequency conversion control technology to ensure stable and reliable speed
Cooling method:Magnetron air-cooled
Control mode:PLC and HMI
Temperature range:0-500℃
Nominal capacity:300-500 pcs/min ,1.3g/pcs
Dehydration amount:8%-5%
Transmission form:Horizontal transmission, frequency conversion speed regulation
Equipment size  (L×W×H):2850×640×1600mm

3, Product Feature and Application of Microwave Paper Straw Dryer

Mainly used in paper straw bending area drying and sterilized, can be used separately and production line.

1、The microwave source is a variable frequency microwave source, which is 10-15% more energy efficient than traditional power frequency transformer-type microwave sources. 

2、Place the microwave source on the top of the microwave equipment, and use a stainless steel plate as a protective cover to effectively prevent damage to internal components such as external dust and water splashing. At the same time, fully consider the ventilation and cooling of the microwave source and the interior.

3、The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer  cabinet door and the cabinet bottom plate are designed without steps, which is convenient for the cleaning of materials; the window is installed to facilitate the observation of the running status of the materials, and there is an automatic power-off protection device for opening the door。

4、The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer  of microwave is automatically started when the material is received, and the microwave is automatically turned off when there is no material.  

5、The Microwave Paper Straw Dryer has leakage, short circuit, and overload protection functions, in line with the national standard GB5226.

4, Product qualification of Microwave Paper Straw Dryer

At any position outside the equipment, the microwave leakage  is less than or equal to 5mw/cm2;

5. Connection mode of Microwave Paper Straw Dryer

Microwave Paper Straw Dryer can be perfectly connected with the Paper Straw Making Machine.

6. Why choose JHD ?

JHD PACKAGING INDUSTRIES (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD is an innovative manufacturer of paper straw solutions based in Jiangsu Province, China. With a total investment of 8 million USD in a 5000 square meter factory and quickly became a major exporter of qualified and reliable paper straws manufacturing equipment.

Firstly ,JHD is not only have the advanced production equipment,but also have professional technical personal and a large group of skilled worker, so we will strictly control the product quality .

the second point is about our service:technical support, on-site service, spare part, and specialized diagnostic tools are available for customer’s production systems. we can also provide value-added service:according to customer’s requirement, including: consulting and expertise sharing, trouble shooting, on-site supporting & training.

We are the experts in this industry, we have the strength to become your partner in China.

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