Flexible Straw Making Machine

JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a leading professional machinery and equipment supplier that is well-reputed both domestically and internationally, our company has successfully  integrating R&D, production, sales and service. We mainly specializing our focuses on the supply of straws. 

Aside from that, we as well provide our customers with printing machines, slitting machines, and flexible straws. The entire production line including the machine and the straw packaging machine.

Detail Introduction

We have a extensive history of manufacturing flexible straws, and can provide a one-stop solution for flexible straws production. Most importantly, our products are of high-quality standards, and all of our machines have passed the European CE safety certification, with the characteristics of high safety factor, low failure rate, simple and convenient operation, low labor intensity, and high production efficiency.

We are equipped with professional engineer support, efficient sales teams, thus, allowing us to have massive competitive price advantages, consequently, endlessly attracting customers from all over the world. Our products have been exported to many countries, including Portugal, Poland, Australia, France, Turkey, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, the Middle East and South American countries.

We have received continuous recognition and praises from customers all over the globe for the excellent quality of the machine and after-sales service. It is can be said with confident that the equipment is undoubtedly trustworthy. If you are intrigued to get to know more about it, you can contact us at any time. We look forward to more cooperation on the basis of a win-win situation!

The function of the flexible straw production equipment is to make straight straws into bendable flexible straws. The production process is fully automated, the operation is very simple and incredibly user-friendly. With the advanced technology integrated, the production efficiency is ideally increased maximally. The workflow of the flexible straw production equipment is as follows:

The Working Process of the Flexible Straw Machine:
1. First put the straight paper straw into the hopper, and then start the machine.
2. The flexible straw will automatically come out and fall on the conveyor belt.
3. There is a wheel and a mold stick, which are used to make dents on the paper straw body.
4. Before pressing the paper, a needle will be inserted into the hole of the paper straw to protect the paper straw from excessive pressure.
5. Finally, soft paper straws will appear on the conveyor belt.
6. There are two kinds of indentation, one machine, choose one of the two.

Further Instructions:

The application of flexible straws is becoming more and more common these days, so higher requirements are put forward for the process of manufacturing flexible straws. In order to meet the needs of the market, JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, as a manufacturer of machinery and equipment, has continued efforts to develop a new type of flexible straw making machine in order to best fulfill the market demands.

This manufacturing machine performs better in producing flexible straws, avoiding completely  the disadvantages of conventional production methods. Thus, the use of advanced technology greatly improves the production efficiency. Besides, the equipment itself also shows unique advantages in terms of quality, performance, and price. The touch screen design, man-machine interface and user-friendly operation bring great convenience to the production of straws.

As the leader of China's straw machinery manufacturer. We not only provide high-quality machines, but also provide fast and efficient after-sales service. Customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit. Our equipment is now exported to markets in North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, and has won a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

We are able to customize a complete solution for the flexible straw production line, and will continue to upgrade the machine according to the market. Our high-quality products, coupled with thoughtful service, have been highly recognized by the market. We are your trusted partner, choose us, we will bring you unexpected value!

The Complete Buying Guide For the Flexible Straw Machine:

Do you know much the flexible straw machine? Do you need to buy a flexible straw machine? Are you interested in learning about this content? This guide will introduce you to the relevant content of the straw machine in detail, and then read on.


1. How Flexible Straw Making Machine Works

The flexible straw forming machine is fully automatic from straight straws to finished curved straws, and only requires workers to add straight straws. The straight straws added in the hopper on the top of the machine are fed into the main drum of the machine one by one, and are clamped by two manipulators. With the rotation of the main drum, the straw passes through two rotating molds to obtain a molding effect, and then is compressed by two manipulators to form a flexible straw, and then the finished product is automatically output.

2. Benefits of Flexible Straw Making Machine

(1) Using man-machine control interface, touch screen parameter setting, easy operation.
(2) Controlled by an encoder, driven by a servo motor, with high degree of automation and high efficiency.
(3) Five sets of servo motors are used for spiral rollers, cutting systems moving left and right, supporting rollers and cutting.
(4) Nine cutting knife system, new structure of cutting cylinder, it is easier to adjust the cylinder up and down when making paper of different diameters.
(5) Famous brand Schneider is used for main electrical components, such as main servo motor, servo motor driver, frequency converter, touch screen.

3. Parts of Flexible Straw Making Machine

This equipment is a machine used to bend a straight straw into a flexible straw, which is mainly composed of a hopper, a feeding device, a rotary drum, a forming device, a conveying device, an electric control device, and a protective cover. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to operate. It is fully automatic from straight straws to flexible products, and only one worker needs to add straight straws.

4. Supporting Equipment to buy with Flexible Straw Making Machine

(1) The cutting system with protective cover makes the operation safer.
(2) The machine is equipped with a servo motor, speed: 90-100m/min.
(3) New type automatic paper splicing machine, automatic paper splicing, three-layer or four-layer optional.

5. Types of Flexible Straw Making Machine in the Market

Usually the paper straw machine product is more than one type, it contains many different types, because in actual production, a variety of equipment is often used to complete the production process. Among them, the common paper straw machines include paper tube slitting machine, spiral paper tube machine and paper tube machine, etc., each of which has its own characteristics and completes the processing and production of straws.

6. Industries Using Flexible Straw Making Machine

The application of flexible straw machine in paper machinery is very common. The straw is a common object in daily life. The straw produced is used in many aspects. It can be seen in the catering industry, beverage industry, dessert shop, milk tea shop, etc. In the shadow of the figure, the flexible straw machine can produce many types of straws, and then apply them in different industries.

7. Flexible Straw Making Machine Maintenance Process

(1) Before operation, it is necessary to conduct a safety inspection on the flexible straw machine. In order to prevent malfunctions during work, it should be run dry for a few minutes, and the actual operation can be carried out after confirming that it is normal.
(2) It is strictly forbidden to place or measure sundries on various parts of the machine during operation. Workers shall not leave their posts without authorization during operation. Relevant staff should be responsible for them. Misappropriation or supervision by others is strictly prohibited.
(3) When switching the edging machine of the flexible straw equipment, the cutters, fixtures and processed parts must be firmly clamped and not loosened.
(4) After use, the staff should first turn off the switch, take out the tools and workpieces from the working position, and do a good job of on-site security of the straw machine, arrange the parts and fixtures, and clean the straw mechanical equipment.

8. How to Troubleshoot Flexible Straw Making Machine

Although the flexible straw machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation, it also needs to pay attention to some aspects, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.
At the same time, the machine will have problems like this during operation or after a long time of use. If the equipment fails, it needs to be repaired in time. The following are common failures and repair methods.

Sometimes there are irregular rotation patterns in the straws produced by the flexible straw machine. This is because the cutter head of the straw device receives excessive frictional resistance during the laser cutting process, which causes the laser cutting of the lines by the cutter head to be blocked. And there was a block. In this case, the cutter head needs to be adjusted to its effective friction resistance range before using the equipment.

Before using the flexible straw equipment, it is necessary to check the amount of lubricant inside the machine. All this will cause uneven production of straws. The flow rate of the lubricant should be monitored before using the equipment to ensure that the lubricant can reach the amount of the straw produced, and I don't want too much, otherwise the lines of the straw will be inconsistent.

The most important thing is to perform strict inspections on the straw machine before it runs to ensure the firmness of the fixed parts on the straw machine. If some parts are loose, they should be fixed with special tools, and then the equipment should be tested for a few minutes. In this process, if there are no common failures, it can be put into actual production.

9. Future of Flexible Straw Making Machine

With the improvement of people's living standards, the regulations on product manufacturing have gradually improved. As a frequently used item, straws have also put forward higher requirements for its production process. Under the influence of the market, the use of straw machine products has become more and more common, and the field of straw equipment is now rapidly developing.

Judging from the current social development situation, the society continues to develop and the regulations on products are getting higher and higher. To keep up with the pace of the times, manufacturers must continue to develop new technologies and manufacture some relatively high-quality products. Otherwise, with the increasing alternation of product quality on the market, some inferior straw machines can only be eliminated. Straws are often more hygienic than drinking directly out of a cup – helping protect you from exposure to bacteria.

Canned beverages may have bacteria on the lid from manufacturing/handling and restaurant glassware may have been poorly cleaned around the top edge. Using a straw can help prevent direct contact with the exterior or lip edge of these drinks. Your dentist may also recommend you use a straw to decrease potential staining or discoloration on your front teeth. So long as you are putting the straw in your mouth past your front teeth you are effectively limiting the beverage’s exposure to your front teeth. The elderly or individuals with disabilities may find it easier to drink with a straw because it can result in a decreased risk of spilling.

The many development trends in the market today mean that the straw machine will become more standardized, systematized, and generalized in the future development. The fierce competition in the market will accelerate the upgrading of straw equipment in various fields and the pace of technological improvement. I believe that in the future, there will be more and more high-quality straw machine manufacturers, and the use of straw equipment will become more common.

10. How much Flexible Straw Making Machine Cost

Because there are certain differences in the types, models, performance and other aspects of the flexible straw machine, the price is not fixed. If you need to buy this kind of equipment, you can contact our staff for a quote. Our equipment is cost-effective with great price competitiveness , absolute value for what you pay.

With rich experience, strong R&D team and advanced technology, JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has launched a series of machines that meet all the needs of the straw market. We can customize a complete set of solutions for the straw production line, and will continue to upgrade the machine according to the market to meet customer needs.

Our flexible straw making machine has the advantages of full automation, high production efficiency, automatic counting during the production process, display on the touch screen, and automatic shutdown in the event of a failure. If you have a need in this regard, please contact us as soon as possible. We will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to reaching a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with you.

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