Troubleshooting Guide of the Paper Straw Bending Machine

2022-03-14 15:13:03

Troubleshooting Guide of the Paper Straw Bending Machine

If you're not sure what's causing your broken straw, you can start by following these simple tips. If the diameter of your drinking straws is not uniform, the problem is likely caused by the cutting knife being too wide. This means that the paper tube is too thick, which can lead to the closing of the drinking straws. To fix this problem, adjust the cutting time of the straw machine.

Paper Straw Bending Machine

First, you need to adjust the blades to get the right bend. The blades are the part of the machine that are responsible for bending the paper tube. The wrong blade will make the straws too thin or too thick. To correct this problem, adjust the cutting blade so that it's not too long or too short. If the resistance is too large, change the angle of the scraper. The machine will be more stable once it's adjusted correctly.

Third, make sure to control the speed of the main motor. Too-high or too-low speed may lead to a malfunctioned straw. Secondly, check the traction wheels of the cutting machine. You need to make sure that they are fully immersed in the front section of cooling water. If these problems persist, you need to adjust the cutting blade. Also, make sure that the water level is higher than the height of the paper tube.

Next, make sure the blades are not overly long. Some of the mechanical equipments that produce paper straws have an asymmetric winding angle. This means that they press the paper tube in one direction, resulting in an uneven surface. To fix this problem, adjust the inner belt so that it is not too wide or too long. If you're still not satisfied, you can try the other settings of the machine.

If the cutting blade of the Paper Straw Bending Machine is too high, adjust the blade. The cutting blade can be too wide, causing too much resistance to the paper tube. Aside from this, you should check the setting of the blades. If they're too tight, adjust the blade to reduce the resistance. In case the cutting blade is too loose, adjust the blade until it is not too tight.

After the straw machine is set up, make sure the scraper is properly aligned with the paper tape. Otherwise, the adhesive will spread unevenly on the tube. After operation, it's important to clean the inside of the machine thoroughly to avoid future problems. You should avoid placing magazines on the scraper because the adhesive will cause the paper tube to not be round. This problem can be solved by adjusting the cutting blade.

A paper straw bender is not functioning properly. It can be a bit hard to adjust the scraper, but it's essential to ensure that the blade is adjusted appropriately. When you adjust the cutting blade, you'll notice that the paper straws will be perfectly shaped. It will help you to make paper straws easily. If it's not, it's best to contact the manufacturer to resolve the problem.

After operating the Paper Straw Bending Machine, you need to clean it inside and out. The blades need to be properly aligned and the machine needs to be cleaned. Then, you can insert the paper tape. Afterward, you can adjust the scraper so that it is in the right angle. The scraper is made up of plastic. If you have any magazines on the inside, it is best to remove them. This will prevent the adhesive from spreading unevenly on the paper tube.

If you're having trouble with the paper straws machine, make sure you've read the troubleshooting guide. This document will explain the most common issues and provide solutions. It is important to understand the mechanics of the machine before you begin using it. While there are many different parts, each component is crucial. The cutting blade is the most common cause of problems with a paper straw bending machine.