• High Speed Paper Straw Machine Integrated High-speed Paper Feeder
  • High Speed Paper Straw Machine Integrated High-speed Paper Feeder

High Speed Paper Straw Machine Integrated High-speed Paper Feeder

JHD has provided automatic high-speed paper straw marking machine for more than 10 years.At present,JHD has independently developed and produced automatic high-speed paper straw marking machine with 6 patents.



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Brand Name JHD
Place of Origin China
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T,L/C,D/P
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Detail 20days--35days
Packaging Details Wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' require

Detail Introduction


JHD devoted ourselves to mechanical industry  for many years,our company owns world class equipment and advanced quality management system. JHD has independently developed and produced High Speed Paper Straw Machine and exported our products to more than 30 countries,we are expecting become your long term partner in China  ,the following is about the High Speed Paper Straw Machine,hope to help you better understand it .

1. Product Introduction of Hight Speed Paper Straw Machine

JHD has provided automatic high-speed paper straw marking machine for more than 10 years. At present, JHD has independently developed and produced automatic high-speed paper straw marking machine with 6 patents. The electrical parts and main components of the equipment are all high-end brands from Europe and Japan, with excellent equipment quality and stable operation. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China. The following is about the automatic high-speed environment-friendly paper straw marking machines, hope to help you better understand it

2.Product Parameter of high-speed paper straw marking machine (Specification)

Model8 knife high speed paper straw making machines(GDZGJ-20)

Technica Parametrs

Control System:

Paper Layer3-4 layersServo driveSchneider
Maximum diameter12mmHuman-machine interface, touch screenSchneider
Minimum diameter4mmProgram versionGD-XJ2.0
Maximum thickness1mmServo motorSchneider,
Minimum thickness0.5mmExecutive componentSchneider
Minimum length100mmMaximum length (between 2 blades)1450mm
Roll-out paper tube speed10-80m/minSignal componentsOmron
Winding headTwo for each beltPneumatic ComponentsAirtac
Cutting method

pneumatic cutter, standard 8 sets of manual tool holder


Synchronous control Synchronous belt
Gluing methoddouble-sided / single-sidedSynchronous tracking and cutting systemServo synchronization tracking system
Fixed length methodEncoder


Number of operatorsONE  
Shaft fixing modeChuck type fixing method  
Speed controlServo  
Power input3P/380V/50HZAutomatic gluing 


lubricatingAutomatically add grease
Host size (L* W * H):4050×1200×1600mmPaper tension controlContinuous control
Floor area (L* W * H):8500×2500×1900mmPaper Shelfautomatic,total 4 layers
Hub diameter210mm  
Hub height120mmEectricity consumption6.5kw
Total weight1350KGSOther components
blade16 pcsMould3 set
Toolbox 1 setbelt15

3, Product Typical Feature of high-speed paper straw marking machine

 1. Mini-series multi knives straw maker.

2. Within 1 inch paper tube(inner 25mm) and thickness less than 1mm.

3. Mainly produce paper straw, cigarette paper, pen core.

4. One time Produce of Glue coating, winding and cutting.

5. Food Grade.

6. Union of paper holder and glue holder.



4, Product Feature and Application of high-speed paper straw marking machine

1、The main frame is made of thick and heavy steel plate after CNC cutting and welding. The frame is stable and not easy to be deformed, with low operating vibration and low noise.

2、The paper rack adopts an integral high-speed paper feeder, and the paper tape is controlled by a constant tension.

3、The glue supply rack adopts constant temperature control of glue and the automatic control of glue amount.

4、Simple, all the motors are deployed inside the machine to facilitate external sanitary cleaning.

5、Safety, high-speed paper straw marking machine is designed according to the best ergonomic operation, and the transmission part is protected. 1.2mm thick stainless steel armor for the whole machine。

6、High-speed paper straw marking machine is stable and designed with the simplest transmission principle and maintenance-free concept to minimize the frequency of users' use and maintenance.

7、High speed, designed with a paper feed speed of 100 meters per minute, and the maximum pipe output speed can reach 75 meters per minute.

8、Networking, the product is a collection of industrial 485 bus, industrial Ethernet bus, wireless wifi, 4G, and distributed control system.。

9、Intelligentize , centralized monitoring, the monitoring center monitors the operating conditions of all equipment in the workshop in real time. Production data can be imported into the user's ERP system to facilitate production data collection。

 High-speed paper straw marking machine can use smart devices to monitor the running status of the machine in real time. When the machine fails, the manufacturer's engineer will be automatically notified, and the engineer will perform remote diagnosis and repair.

5.Product Details of high-speed paper straw marking machine

(1). High-speed paper straw marking machine is a 3-4 layers automatic unwinder with automatic splicing allows continuous production           

(2),High-speed paper straw marking machine is a Sealed & precision gluing station for a precise and clean application of the glue

(3). High-speed paper straw marking machine is a high speed & stable winder with output up to 120 m / min

(4). High-speed paper straw marking machine is an online cutter equipped nine knives and driven by servo-motors

(5). High-speed paper straw marking machine of the Guarantee of Quality

The high-speed paper straw marking machine line is certified by CE and equipped the quality parts from Siemens, THK.

We can provide the after-sales serves oversea to install and commissioning, by the same time, we can help to train your operator, ensuring the full efficiency of your machines.

7. Why choose JHD ?

JHD PACKAGING INDUSTRIES (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD is an innovative manufacturer of paper straw solutions based in Jiangsu Province, China. With a total investment of 8 million USD in a 5000 square meter factory and quickly became a major exporter of qualified and reliable paper straws manufacturing equipment.

Firstly ,JHD is not only have the advanced production equipment,but also have professional technical personal and a large group of skilled worker, so we will strictly control the product quality .

the second point is about our service: technical support, on-site service, spare part, and specialized diagnostic tools are available for customer’s production systems. we can also provide value-added service:according to customer’s requirement, including: consulting and expertise sharing, trouble shooting, on-site supporting & training.

We are the experts in this industry, we have the strength to become your partner in China.

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