High Speed Paper Straw Machine

JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of straw making machines, focusing on straw production line solutions. 

With years of rich experience, strong R&D team and advanced technology, our company has successfully launched a series of machines to meet all the needs of the straw market.

Detail Introduction

Our main products include paper straw machines, plastic straw machines, high-speed paper straw machines, automatic flexible beverage straw making machines, straw forming machines, straw cutting machines, straw packaging machines, etc. There are hundreds of mechanical equipment to choose from. At the same time, we are constantly improving our production line solutions to provide customers with better equipment.

We have a broad product portfolio, from ultra-high-speed machines to high-speed machines to semi-automatic machines, our broad types of machines can meet the needs of different customers and has a complete quality management system. Besides, our workers are also quality inspectors, and every part and even the whole machine must be repeatedly tested, and undergoes strict appearance and function inspection to ensure the high efficiency and high reliability of the machine.

Our high-speed paper straw machine is based on previous experience, adopts advanced technology, and is designed and manufactured by professional technicians. The equipment has been improved in all aspects and has more advantages. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us. We look forward to establishing a friendly and cooperative relationship with you.

The Manufacturing Process of Paper Straws:
1. Stirring of raw materials: Add raw material particles into the mixing mixer and mix well.
2. Extrusion straw: After the raw materials are mixed, squeeze it out in the equipment. The product just squeezed out is like toothpaste, but the plastic tube that comes out is actually hollow.
3. Cooling and hardening: The straws just squeezed out are soft, and guide them into the cold water pool. At this time, the hot straws become hard as soon as they are cold.
4. Knocking to remove water: The straw is constantly tapped at the exit through a cold pool of more than ten meters long. By this method, the straw can be cut as little as possible with water.
5. Cutting straws: The straws that are cooled down and shaped are cut in a cutting machine. There is a saw blade in the cutting machine. The whole long plastic tube is cut into sections at a certain speed, and then it becomes a root. The straw is out.
6. Sampling test: take samples to test the diameter and thickness of the straws, and check the quality of the straws.

Further instructions:

The manufacturing process of straws is actually not complicated, especially with this high-speed paper straw machine, it is specially designed to provide great convenience for the production of paper straws. Compared with ordinary straws, the products produced by this processing line have the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, safety and environmental protection, etc., which better meet the process requirements of straws.

The biggest feature of the high-speed paper straw machine is its fast production speed and high work efficiency, which can greatly save working time. The produced straws can be completely dissolved in any ecological environment in a short time. It is currently an ideal environmentally friendly product that replaces plastic straws and eliminates white pollution. Paper Straws are made of a natural fibre i.e the material is natural sustainable, biodegradable and renewable material. Paper Straws can naturally be broken down, and decomposed in several weeks. Paper Straws are hygienic, durable, hold up great during the course of a meal, and once discarded, they degrade much fast. Plastic often contain additives making them stronger, more flexible, however, these additives usually extend the life of the products if they become litter.

JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of straw machines. We not only provide high-quality machines, but also provide fast and efficient after-sales service. This helps us establish a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. Our High-speed paper straw manufacturing equipment does not have a broad sales market worldwide.

If you need to buy a high-speed paper straw machine, you can contact us at any time, our staff is online 24/7, feel free to ask any questions, we will provide you with a satisfactory answer and the most thoughtful service.

A Complete Buying Guide for High-Speed Paper Straw Machines:

The high-speed paper straw machine is an equipment specially used to produce straws of various types. It can produce high-quality paper straws. I wonder if you are interested in getting to know more about it. Do you need to buy a straw making machine?
This guide will introduce the relevant content of the high-speed paper straw machine in detail. I believe that reading the following content will help you to some extent.


1. Benefits of High Speed Paper Straw Machine

(1) Automatically cut and drop the tube, with automatic pause function for out of paper and paper break.
(2) During the operation of the straw machine, the speed will automatically switch and reset automatically during cutting.
(3) There are many functions, which can automatically set the intelligent CNC for any operation of the machine, and unattended automatic glue spraying.
(4) It adopts stainless steel rubber basin, multiple pressure glue, knife and other configurations, which is durable, smoother and more stable in performance.
(5) The straw machine is equipped with a computer programmable controller control system, with a remote control port multi-point operation panel and digital remote control functions, and the operation is very simple.

2. How High Speed Paper Straw Machine Works

There is a straw guide rod in the body assembly, and the length of the straw guide rod is from front to back. A hot air unit, a paper roll unit and a cutting unit are sequentially installed in the machine body. When manufacturing the paper straws, the hot air unit first heats the paper sheet with the hot air coating layer on the surface of the paper sheet, and then the paper roll unit winds the paper sheet into a circular tube straw embryo. At this time, the overlapping sides of the coating layer on the surface of the paper sheet are bonded to each other to fix the shape of the straw embryo, and the cutting unit cuts the straw embryo into a suitable long straw product.

3. High Speed Paper Straw Machine Maintenance Process

The high-speed paper straw machine is always subject to certain damages during use, especially after the equipment has been running for a long time, it is more prone to wear or failure. Therefore, in the process of using the paper straw machine, corresponding maintenance and maintenance should be done to ensure the stable performance of the equipment during use and prolong the service life of the equipment.

What aspects of daily maintenance of the paper straw machine need to be done?
The most important thing is to ensure the cleanliness of the high-speed straw equipment, do a good job of cleaning the machine at ordinary times, and regularly check out all parts of the equipment.
Clean up some internal waste materials, dust, etc., to ensure that the equipment will not appear rust and other phenomena during operation and can continue to operate.

Secondly, lubricate the suction pipe machinery and equipment. After cleaning the equipment, add appropriate lubricating oil. In addition, the lubricating oil used needs to be checked.
After filtering, the oil can be added only when the standard of use is met.

The above are the main daily maintenance operations of the straw equipment, which can effectively ensure the stable performance of the equipment, prevent the equipment from excessive wear during operation, and extend the service life of the equipment.

4. How to Troubleshoot High Speed Paper Straw Machine

(1) The system cannot be reset
The reason for this situation may be abnormal wiring, over-limit of the chase shearing mechanism, or error in the servo direction. The treatment method is to replace the cable, disconnect the equipment power supply, manually push the chase shearing mechanism to the middle position, and input the corresponding servo pulse input 41, 43 Swap, 37 and 39 Swap.
(2) The paper tube appears uneven
Generally, the main reason for this situation is that the winding angles of the two belts inside the paper straw equipment are asymmetry, which leads to the one-way compression of the paper tube by the belt during the operation of the equipment, which leads to the subsequent production The surface of the paper straw is very uneven. It is only necessary to adjust the internal belt winding angle correspondingly through the hand wheel.
(3) Uneven spiral pattern inside the paper straw
The first possibility is that the cutting blade inside the device creates too much resistance to the paper tube during operation. At this time, the blade needs to be adjusted to reduce the resistance. It may also be the problem of paper tape coating. Generally, when the paper tape is modified with lubricant for the first time, the amount of lubricant should be appropriately adjusted and modified evenly, so that it will be more convenient in the subsequent production process.

5. Parts of High Speed Paper Straw Machine

The high-speed paper straw machinery is mainly composed of hopper, feeding equipment, rotating drum, forming equipment, conveying device and electric control device. Automatic paper roll connection function hanger, automatic splicer, cutting automatic grease feeding system, heat treatment frame, eliminate internal stress and maintain a longer service life. The materials of each part are very good, high-quality, and durable.

6. How much High Speed Paper Straw Machine Cost

The price of the high-speed paper straw machine is determined by the brand, quality, and parameters. At present, there is little difference between the various brands of paper straw equipment on the market.
The production efficiency of paper straws is high and low, and the price of the high production efficiency is slightly higher than that of the old generation. The total price of paper straw production equipment ranges from 50,000 to 150,000, and you can choose according to your actual situation.

7. Industries using High Speed Paper Straw Machine

The high-speed paper straw machine is mainly used to produce paper straws, and its application range can be said to be very wide. The most common ones are the beverage industry, catering industry, milk tea industry, etc., in such a place, it can be said that straws can be seen everywhere, and there are other some industries will use straw machines.

8. Future of High Speed Paper Straw Machine

The paper straws currently produced on the market are made of food-grade kraft paper, pure wood pulp paper, degradable paper, etc., which are completely degraded in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment. Generally, we produce products from recycled paper, which is biodegradable and compostable. On the other hand, plastics are not recyclable and a significant pollutant in our society. Thereby avoiding white pollution caused by plastic straws. Although the paper straws cannot be recycled for the time being, the following related problems are solved, and the paper straws can be recycled for power generation purposes.

The high-speed paper straw machine can create a straw that can not only replace the original plastic straws, but also does not affect people's habits of relying on disposable products. The production line has reasonable design and high degree of automation, increases the use range of raw materials, reduces costs, improves product quality, and has broad development prospects.

9. Why choose JHD Packaging Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

(1) We have a highly skilled design team, have designed many advanced machines, and have a number of machine technology patents.
(2) In order to ensure high quality, we strictly abide by the IS09001 standard, and most of our products have passed CE certification.
(3) In order to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the machine, various parts of the equipment are repeatedly tested, and strict appearance and function inspections are carried out.

10. Our service

(1) Test every machine and check the machine carefully.
(2) All products have a one-year warranty, and we will be fully responsible. To
(3) Send the picture of the machine you ordered, and then pack it in a standard export wooden box after you confirm that the machine is normal.
(4) Provide you with English manuals and technical support, maintenance and installation videos to help you solve problems, or send workers to your factory.
(5) 24 hours online, your inquiries will be quickly answered by email, and all problems can be solved with you through any online chat tool.

Our high-speed paper straw making machine has fast speed, large torque, good stability, and accurate synchronization, which improves work efficiency and can make the cutting length of paper tubes more accurate. This set of production equipment is exported to dozens of foreign countries and fills the gap in domestic environmental protection straw production equipment. It is a suitable choice for your investment equipment.

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